Worried About Your Child's School-Related Anxieties? Here's How to Help

Take your child's concerns seriously. Credit: Getty Images
Most parents anticipate a certain level of back-to-school jitters for our kids, and even ourselves, but some children's anxieties need to be taken more seriously than others. So, how does...
By knowing what to expect, parents can help their children deal with worries they might not understand themselves.

Catherine MacLellan Talks Parenting, Divorce and Cool Kids' Tunes

The songs of Catherine MacLellan may sound soft, but they carry a big emotional wallop. The Prince Edward Island-born singer/songwriter has been compared to Joni Mitchell. She shares with that legendary performer an expressive and lyrical sensibilit...

Five Tips for Reducing Your Child's Separation Anxiety

Few things are more heart-wrenching than the sight of two red, scrunched-up little faces covered in tears, four outstretched arms and tandem howls of "Mama! Mama!" just before you say "I love you, have a good time at school!" and duck out the door. T...

Son Cries on the Way to School

Dear AdviceMama: We are into the sixth week of school and my first-grade son is having some real separation anxiety issues. He cries every day when I drop him off. What can I do? Signed, Rena Dear Rena: Around eight o'clock every mo...

How daycare gave me a better kid

I was just reading Susan's post about looking forward to Mondays and I have to agree. Though I'm bummed about having to go off to work, the routine is calming. When I was pregnant with my first, I remember envisioning myself as this perfect mom. You...

Are you a stayer or a leaver?

The Guardian's Anne Karpf wrote this lovely piece on two types of parents: those who leave their kids with someone else, and those who don't. After 17 years of staying home most nights (she even took the kids on her honeymoon), she is finally finding...

Dealing with separation anxiety

Being separated from your baby can be traumatic for both of you. If your baby screams every time you leave the room you have to ask yourself: Is this normal? Will it ever end? What occurs is separation anxiety, a normal developmental phase for babies...


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