The Sex Talk: Study Offers Tips for Talking to Kids

There are effective and various ways for parents to talk to their kids about sex. Credit: Getty Images
You want to talk about sex? Fine. Never have it. Ever. OK, maybe after you get married. Your mother wants grandkids. But do...
Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees -- minus the euphemisms.

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon: Parents Get Help Talking Puberty, Sex With Daughters

Nervous about the puberty and sex talk? Get professional help. Credit: Getty Images
Who can forget talking about the birds and the bees with Mom and Dad? Or maybe that topic was too taboo for your parents to even touch. Chances are if they ...
When it comes to the sex and puberty talk, many of today's mothers want to do better with their own daughters than their parents did with them.

Would You Give Condoms to Your 14-Year-Old?

School isn't the only place where sex education is a dilemma. Most parents would like their children to remain abstinent throughout their teens, but worry that withholding information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases will lead to...

No sex on billboards - Bonking okay

Most parents want to be the ones to decide when their children learn about certain things in life. When they feel the time is right, they will talk to them about sex, drugs, whatever. But sometimes those conversations are forced upon a parent by the ...

How not to teach your kids about sex

I'm not looking forward to the "sex talk." At all. Fortunately, because I have a daughter, I'll probably be able to pawn that responsibility off on her mom. But however we decide to approach it, we'll almost certainly be more successful than the Rhod...


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