Mother's Little Helper

Give your kid a handle on your bag. Credit: Reisenthel
German bag-makers Reisenthel have cracked the code on shopping with little ones. Whether they are prone to running off, or are overly eager assistants, the motherchildbag solves all. ...

Baby Names, Bratz Dolls, and the Perfect Holiday Card - Links we Love

Absolutely must commit commerce with your child in tow? Here are five tips to save your sanity. How do you Christmas shop without your kids catching one? -- AlphaMom Most popular baby girl's name Emma holds on to her #1 slot for yet another year. ...

How are you treated when you shop with your kid?

I used to be a big shopper. I love clothes, and fuzzy scarves and winter boots with impractical heels. I like shopping for new crisp notebooks, and coloured pens, happy smelling lotions and kitchen mitts. I do a lot less shopping now than I did two ...

Mama's helpers are often strangers

Nolan likes to save his most tumultuous and dramatic tantrums for the Bakery section of the grocery store. I don't know what it is, perhaps sensory overload and all the mountains of gogurt but whenever we go grocery shopping, there is almost always a...

Snacking in the supermarket - is it stealing?

I guess I could blame it on Mom Brain, or my seriously hairy 2-and-a-half job schedule, or the fact that I am just absent-minded -- but invariably, I forget a snack for Nolan when I take him grocery shopping. When my 20-month-old got home from dayca...

Mom brain in the grocery store

I firmly believe that my brain functions slightly differently now than it did before I became pregnant with Nolan. I am sure doctors would call me a quack, but I truly believe that pregnancy did something to the wiring in my brain. I think different...

Shopping meltdowns, part of every parent's holiday landscape

After I wrote about my holiday shopping experience - the Christmas spirit was everywhere!, now, with meltdowns! - I went surfing around some new-to-me parenting blogs. I was particularly impressed with this post from The View From Crazy. Her two-year...

Christmas shopping with the kids, a story

I'd just pick a few things up for Christmas while my husband works, I thought. And I went shopping. We started at the bank, and my children were greeted with lollipops and smiles. When Everett ran off to push the buttons of the dumbwaiter in the gran...


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