One Sibling Hits Another - How Bad?

"How should a parent take sides when a younger child is hitting his or her older sibling -- and "don't hit" doesn't always work? How can we make sibling hitting stop once and for all?" When siblings are hitting each other, the mom feels punche...

Project Runway Star Says It's OK to Play Favorites

If anyone is qualified to speak on matters of motherhood, it's a woman who has six children. Project Runway finalist Laura Bennett brought a half-dozen people into this world, and now she has a refreshing take on playing favorites with your kids. ...

Video of the Day -- Giggling Siblings

Here's a simple one for a Wednesday. Who doesn't enjoy the pure unbridled joy of a laughing baby? Kristin had a link to a particularly cute one earlier this month who had me laughing right along. As first-time parents, I remember our excitement wh...


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