Limit Sun Exposure in Children, Keep Teens Out of Tanning Booths, Report Advises

Lifelong sun protection should begin at an early age. Credit: Getty Yes, you're always sure everyone in the family is slathered in sunscreen when you go to the beach or the pool, but sorry, Mom. That may not be enough to protect your ki...Rates of skin cancer continue to rise, even in younger people.

Sandals cause skin cancer

Just in time for summer, we've got a new thing to worry about -- skin cancer on your feet, thanks to flip-flops and sandals. Okay, so it's not really anything new or different -- less coverage means more exposure and more exposure can lead to sunburn...

The hidden dangers of lip gloss

My 7-year-old is crazy for the lip gloss. She can be convinced to wear lip balm, but prefers the shiny wet look that can only be achieved through the liberal application of gooey, flavored lip gloss. If it has sparkles in it, even better. The resulti...

Sun cream that heals sunburn

Like many Blogging Baby readers, sunblock is a staple in my diaper bag, purse and the glove compartment of my car. I have a red head, a tow head and we live at 6,600 feet. We use the cream every day, all year long. Without sunscreen we would likely h...

Positive parenting and healthy sun habits in children

A report in the August issue of Archives of Dermatology reports that a program that helps parents talk to their children about skin cancer risks may promote sun-safe behaviors, especially when parents and children have a high-quality relationship. Ap...

Irish kids no longer allowed access to tanning beds

The Irish Cancer Society wants to rain on the parade of citizens who get their "healthy glow" from tanning bans. The organization is pushing for stricter regulations for overall use of the beds, while calling for an all out ban on tanning bed use by ...


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