My Niece Is Skipping School - and Her Mom Doesn't Care!

Dear AdviceMama, My 13-yr-old niece (my sister's daughter) is starting to skip school a lot and make up excuses not to go, or she will call home and complain about a headache, wanting to go home. There is a lot of negativity in my sister's home (s...While you may not be able to get through to your sister, you do have a chance to become a safe haven and confidante for your niece, which is the first step toward helping her avoid heading into bigger problems.

Will a Daytime Curfew Keep Kids in School?

In case you were feeling like a good parent this week, the city of Dallas wants to remind you that you're not. In order to combat juvenile crime, city officials are proposing a daytime curfew, with fines of up to $500 for kids who are out and about d...

Is Jail Time the Answer to Truancy?

A Florida mother was arrested recently not for something she did, but for something she didn't do. She didn't make sure that her ninth-grade daughter went to school every day. After the girl racked up 59 unexcused absences, the Alachua County's schoo...

School skippers forced to wear tracking bracelets

Certain students in San Antonio, Texas schools will soon find it a lot harder to get away with skipping school. A new program designed to crack down on truancy will allow the Bexar County courts to fit habitual school-skippers with ankle bracelets ou...

Dad jailed for daughter's failure to get GED

Back when my daughter was in high school, she went through a school-skipping phase. Blissfully unaware, I would send her off to class and she would immediately head in the other direction. This situation was brought to my attention by the helpful fol...

Girl stops runaway school bus, gets detention

Did you ever skip school when you were a kid? I did it few times and learned pretty quickly that unless you want to get caught, you must keep a very low profile. Don't do anything that would draw attention to yourself and make someone wonder why you ...

German girl jailed for cutting class

German courts have decided to put a 15-year-old girl behind bars for two weeks because she keeps skipping class. Both the girl and her parents were given other options, but when the family failed to pay a fine, and the young woman refused to do commu...

Not your average Open House night at the Middle School

When I picked up the boys from school to take them to swim practice on Monday night, Sam told me there was an open house at his school that night. At 7:00. Another mom told me it was supposed to go from 7:00-9:00. Sam wanted to go because his Home Ec...

Sean's Wish, In honor of National Ask Day

Jeanne and Sean Caroline have lived through a nightmare no parent should ever have to endure, the loss of their 12-year-old son. Named Sean, after his father, the 7th grader was killed in 2003 when he was accidentally shot by a classmate. Sean and a ...


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