Knocked Out: Challenge Inspires College Kids to Get Some ZZZZs

The Huffington Post is challenging college students to get eight hours of sleep (a night). Credit: Corbis
Sleep? Please. Who needs it? Isn't that what Red Bull is for? It's a one-way conversation all too familiar for parents of college student...
Think Red Bull is for sissies? Nap time is for newbies? You probably won't want to enter this sleep contest.

Suffering Through Sleepless Nights? You're Not Alone!

I can truly say that the most shocking aspect of being a new mom, for me, was when I realized what it was going to mean for my sleeping patterns. I still have the journals in which I recorded the feeding times of my newborn twins, and the nighttime n...

Tracy Moore: Host of CityLine on Sleep Deprivation and Kicking Parenting Books to the Curb

According to Tracy Moore, a strong work ethic runs in her family. Quite obviously, it's something she inherited. As if the challenges of parenting a newborn weren't enough, Tracy Moore took on the high-profile job as host of daily chat show CityLine...

Is It Really ADHD, or Just a Lack of Sleep?

Is your little one getting enough shut-eye at night? If not, they could be at risk for depression and other health problems. A study conducted at the University of Helsinki and National Institute of Health and Welfare has found that a child's short s...

Your Sleep-Deprived Teen Could Be At Risk For Depression

It's no secret that teenagers like to stay up late. In households across Canada this very night, there will no doubt be arguments over when the lights (and the computer, the TV, the iPod and the phone) should get turned off. But according to a rece...

DailyDish - Don't take it personally

Want to save your marriage despite having kids? Remember this....

Relief for parents: machine gives 8 hours sleep in just 2

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has nothing to do with teenage boys, flashlights, and picturesque magazines. It's actually a means of sending "harmless magnetic signals through the scalp and skull and into the brain." Okay, so what's the poin...

Is napping good for moms

Sometimes the first thought on my mind when I open my eyes in the morning is, "I can't wait until the next time I can go back to sleep." This train of thought has nothing to do with a depression or distaste for life, but rather the fact that I just d...

Daytime exposure to light and night-time sleep in 6-12-week-old

When my children were babies, I used to wonder about light and their sleep. A recent study in the Journal of Sleep Research investigated the relationship between exposure to light and 24-h patterns of sleep and crying in young, healthy, full-term bab...


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