Soccer mom embezzles $72k from league

On the surface, 42-year-old Deborah Angilley probably looks like your typical soccer mom. Attending games and even coaching at one point, you could say she is very involved with her kid's athletic life. Maybe a little too involved. The Edgewood, Wash...

When soccer moms attack

I'm purposefully brainwashing my daughter into enjoying sports. We go to games, play baseball out in the yard, watch sports on TV -- you name it. Partially it's because all my friends are artsy types who wouldn't know the difference between a fast ba...

From the sidelines: the incessant ranting of other parents

As I have mentioned before I am a soccer mom. It's not a role I would have chosen of my own free will; I am not much of a team player and I don't work well with others when a flying ball is involved. But my children love to play soccer. Every fall an...

Life as a Soccer Mom: When the team just doesn't gel

The youth soccer teams in our area are designed so that they have tow age groups on every team. My son is currently in the U14 bracket, so this means that the team is comprised of 12 and 13 year-old boys. This also means that every year one age brack...

Life as a soccer mom: The Gear

Being a Soccer Mom means you need the required Soccer Mom goods. Some moms do it up far more than others, but the basics involve a bag containing all the small necessities from sunblock to an Ace bandage to extra snacks and drinks. An umbrella is nic...

Peer relationships in adolescent competitive soccer

Besides school starting this week, both of my old children will be playing soccer; it also goes into full swing this week. A study in the Journal of Sports Science last year reported on a study from Norway on soccer. The aim was to examine the relati...

A soccer mom's duties, continued

This summer, as many people are well aware, the World Cup games will be played in Germany. This is a huge athletic event that many Americans do not quite seem to grasp. In Europe this event has taken over and the soccer hoopla is way beyond anything ...


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