Parents on Facebook? What Parents? Teens Will Just Ignore Mom and Dad There, Too

Sixteen percent of teens who are friends with their parents on Facebook report being friends was a pre-condition to use the site. Credit: Getty
Stop right now. Before reading any further, go to the kitchen and get yourself a brow...
Teens find a high-tech way to ignore their parents.

Your Kids (Still) Don't Want to Be Facebook Friends

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is friends with his parents on Facebook? Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP We know it eats at you that your kid won't accept your friend request on Facebook, but our sincere advice is to snap out of it and ge...We know it eats at you that your kid won't accept your friend request on Facebook, but our sincere advice is to snap out of it and get a life.

Facebook 'Friends' Missing Children by Posting Amber Alerts

Facebook users may now sign up to receive Amber Alerts. Credit: Nicholas Kamm, AFP, Getty Images When a child disappears, there ought to be a way to alert people. Amber Alerts go out to TV and radio stations and are posted on high...Facebook now includes the faces of missing children.

Facebook Breakups Bring the Grinch to Christmas

Logging into Facebook right before Christmas could cause tears for your teens. Credit: Saeed Khan, AFP/Getty Images
So much for nice: The holiday season is about to turn naughty. It may be time for parents to stock up on Kleenex and prepare ...
OMG! He broke up with me right before Xmas! Check Facebook for the details.

Teenage Girls Portray Themselves as Sexy and Crazy Online, Survey Finds

You may be shocked by your daughter's online image. Credit: Getty Images
The time your teenage daughter spends on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter may be causing identity confusion, as her online persona probably por...
She may be all sweet and smart at home, but on Facebook, your teen wants to be known as sexy and funny.

Won't 'Friend' Mom and Dad? They'll Just Hack Your Facebook Page

Mom and Dad want to know your status. Credit: Adrian Wyld/AP
Parents on a mission to uncover the secret lives of teens will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. At least, that's the finding of a new survey that reveals 10 percent of parental uni...
Best keep those dirty little secrets off your Facebook page, kids. Mom and Dad are watching.

Kids, Parents Say Other People Share Too Much Information Online, Poll Says

Watch how much personal information you're giving away online. Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images
Before reading the rest of this article, would you mind answering a few simple questions? What's your home address and telephone number? ...
Online companies don't really need to know your home address and work schedule.

Do People Really Want to See Your Sonogram in Outer Mongolia?

Just tagging a few photos from last weekend's Mommy & Me rager. Credit: Brooke Fasani/Corbis
Baby Herman just dropped a particularly steamy load in his diapers ... Baby Herman is a fan of breast milk ... Baby Herman ... Needs to get offline! ...
Children often leave their messy little footprints on the Internet before they're even born.

Teachers to Students: Let's Not Be Facebook Friends

Maybe teachers should keep their relationships with kids offline. Credit: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wyld/AP
Let's face it, there's a certain creep factor when you think your teenage daughter is exchanging photos, news feeds and friend requests on...
Sorry, kids, schools don't want you to friend, poke or comment on your teachers' Facebook pages.

Meet the Mayor of Togetherville, a Friendly Online Community for Kids

Welcome to Togetherville. This is a friendly community. Everyone knows everyone else. People look out for each other. Kids play in the street unafraid. The traffic is light, and bad people are stopped at the city limits. So, you and your ... Social Networking Site for Teens Gets Ugly

It's Facebook ... with an attitude. A very, very bad attitude. is a social networking site thousands of teens are using to post truly nasty comments about people's looks, friends and sexual habits. Teenagers (well, anyone, actua...

Kids, Adults Co-Exist (Uneasily) on Facebook

Have you "friended" your kid? Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images
It was a battle between kids and grownups. Good news, fellow mature adults. We won! We won! We won! [Feel free to cackle fiendishly.] The battle, in case you're interested, w...

Opinion: Is Tweeting Our Family Tragedies the New Normal?

There is a little girl named Layla Grace who died yesterday. She had cancer, and I followed this 2-year-old's downward spiral from the time she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma 10 months ago. Layla Grace was not my neighbor. She was not my child...

Student, Teacher Face Discipline Over Separate Facebook Postings

Maybe your mother was right. If you don't have something nice to say, perhaps you shouldn't say it all, at least not on Facebook. As recent incidents have illustrated, school disputes are being played out on the social networking site, and at le...

Twitter Follow Friday on ParentDish!

Love Twitter? So do we! It can be tough to keep tabs on all your favorite "Tweeters" from the "Twitterverse" -- but don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's our favorite parenting Tweets of the week, raw and uncensored, typos and all, just as you ...


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