"Pregorexia" takes moms by storm

(Click the photo to see which celebs might be "pregorexic") It seems like it should be common sense. Don't diet while pregnant. Yet for many moms these days that seems to be the trend. Many of them are successful at it--but at what cost to their un...

Did you take your prenatal vitamins--EVERY day???

Come on now, be honest. I really want to know. Doctors and OBGYNs and even ads in the subways are always strongly urging women to take prenatal vitamins EVERY day, before they get pregnant, while pregnant and afterwards if they're breastfeeding. For...

The other side of abortion

Too often, I think, abortion is portrayed solely as an act of convenience. It's seen as sort of an "Oops, I got pregnant. Guess I'll have to get an abortion again." answer to irresponsible or even immoral behaviour. Abortion is not, however, as simpl...

Are you getting your folate?

Shortly after I got married, my family physician asked me if I was planning to have children soon. I had to suppress a chuckle (ah, so naive) and told her that I was hitting snooze on my biological clock for a while. "You should still consider taking...

Baby Noor set for surgery

From CNN.com:  Baby Noor, the three-month-old Iraqi child suffering from a severe case of spina bifida that Charlene Prince Birkeland told us about, is set to undergo surgery today in Atlanta, Georgia, in an effort to enclose her spinal column. ...

U.S. soldiers find ailing Iraqi baby, send her to Georgia for treatment

An Iraqi baby girl born with a life-threatening birth defect is now receiving medical treatment in Georgia after U.S. soldiers found her when they conducted a raid on her family's home. Three-month-old Noor was born with spina bifida, a neural tube d...


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