The Best Parenting Advice Kathy Buckworth Ever Received...

Kathy Buckworth is a Mississauga, Ontario humourist, author, blogger and (extremely busy) mother of four children: Nicholas, 7, Bridget, 10, Alexander, 16 and Victoria, 18. She has penned four books about the joys and annoyances of parenting, includi...

Are we raising an entitled generation?

I don't believe I am the only parent who looks around at kids and wonders if they are getting more spoiled and more entitled with each generation. Sometimes I think of the things that come out of my kids' mouths and I try to remember if I ever said a...

College kids spending big bucks to pimp their rides

A growing number of college kids are not content to drive a rusted out beater car into the dorm parking lot. More and more are driving customized "pimped out" rides. The college age population spends over $15 billion dollars per year on cars and near...

Out of hand birthday parties

Every year when it comes time to give my kids birthday parties, I say to myself, "Okay, this year we will keep it modest. We will keep it modest if it kills us all." Every year I am proven wrong. By the time we do a school party, a grandparent party,...


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