Training Baby to Go Pro? Companies Teaching 11-Week-Olds Sports

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"Do you have the baby on a schedule yet?" New parents may think they're being asked about their 2-month-old's sleeping patterns, but, in this ultra-competitive world,...
Want your baby to go pro when she grows up? Better start training now.

A Fitness Plan to Prepare Your Kids for Summer Sports

Each week, personal trainer Reggie Reyes shares with us a child-related health and/or fitness concern that he's been approached with, and how he's helped clients to solve the problem. Problem Joanna came in with her 12-year-old son, who is an avi...

The risks of intense athletic training in the young

If you have older children who are active in sports, they are likely returning to the athletic fields this month in preparation for fall sports. Often the practices are in the mid morning, late afternoons, or in some cases, children are required to a...


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