States Work Together to Create New Academic Tests

SEATTLE (AP) - Two big coalitions of states are competing for federal dollars to create a series of new national academic tests to replace the current patchwork system. In the current system, every state gives a different test to its students. I...

The Myth of Testing for Giftedness

Kim Moldofsky and her two sons, now ages 12 and 10, hiking in the Grand Canyon. The Chicago-area mom is resigned to the fact that there is no educational "Utopia." Photo courtesy of Kim Moldofsky.
Kim Moldofsky is a petite woman, and her wh...

Kindergarten - It's Time to Bring Playtime Back

When we were growing up, kindergarten was all about playing. These days, play has gone out the window, replaced by academics. But is this good for our kids? In January, I visited a two-day preschool with my three-year-old in hopes it would be a go...

Is homeschooling right for your family?

I read an article on babble from a mother who decided, along with her husband, to not send her child to kindergarten this fall. Instead the couple are planning on home-schooling their son, along with a group of other New York City-based parents wi...


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