Fourteen-Year-Old First in Line for MacWorld

A fourteen-year-old boy from Santa Barbara arrived at San Francisco's Moscone Center more than a day early in order to be first in line for the MacWorld Expo, despite the conspicuous absence of a Steve Jobs keynote speech. Nick Lensander showed up in...

Apple sends cease and desist notice to 9 year old

A 9-year old girl who spent a lot of time with her iPod decided to write a letter to Mr. Steve Jobs, telling him how she thought he could make his product better. It's a precocious and cool thing for a young girl to do, I think -- believe in her opin...

Knitted iPhones: totally shatterproof

What do you do when you're afraid your kid is going to a) break your totally awesome new techno-gadget, or b) use it to call 911 over, and over, and over? Make them a knitted version! That's what Greg at Daddy Types did (or, at least, got his mom...

Adoption Celebrities

As anyone who has ever experienced an adoption will tell you, it's an intense process.  I remember our first meeting at our adoption agency -- there were about 11 couples, all of us looking incredibly nervous and uncertain (except for one couple...


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