For a couple quarters, you can add trendy Sqwishlanders to your child's stocking. Credit: Sqwishlanders
Zhu Zhu pets? So last year.
This year's animal toy craze is much smaller -- and squishier. Sqwishlanders -- rubbery, cute, colle...
The kooky characters make cute -- and cheap -- stocking stuffers.


Squeeze Sing-a-ma-jig's tummy for a belly laugh. Credit:
Now, we're not gonna lie. The first time we passed by these kinda kooky plush characters sitting on the store shelves, we were like, huh?
But after listenin...
The first time we passed by these kinda kooky plush characters sitting on the store shelves, we were like, huh?

Charm Bead Bracelets Make Charming Holiday Gifts for Girls of All Ages

Charm bracelet beads from Ohm Beads include a sock monkey, gift and castle. Credit: Ohm Beads
The latest in beaded baubles has us charmed, we're sure. Dangling charm bracelets? They're sorta last year. Today, it's all about charm beads, beau...
European-style beads lend a charming new twist to traditional bracelets.

Sex After Baby, Holiday Lights, and Gavin Rossdale - Links We Love

Sex after baby ... does it exist? If your answer is a sound no, then you might want to read this. -- Work it, Mom! Think you're married to Clark Griswald? You aren't alone. Check out the best and worst of holiday houses. -- Lemondrop The econom...

The Ten Best Stocking Stuffers

Buying presents for some people can be a very difficult task, especially when you buy presents for them year after year. When you add the concept of then having to get stocking stuffers on top of that the whole holiday season can seem daunting bey...

Crunch time DVD stocking stuffers

It's time to go over your holiday checklist: Halls? Decked Cards? Sent Packages? Mailed Presents? Wrapped and accounted for Holiday baking? Nearly finished Parties? Socialized and mesmerized, baby! Stocking stuffers? SON ...


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