Dad who used stun gun on toddler sentenced

Rian Wittman, an Oregon father who used a stun gun on his 18 month old son, has been sentenced to 46 months in prison after a plea bargain. According to the prosecution, the child's mother noted strange marks on the child in January 2007. Thinking i...

Exorcism of 3-year-old ends in grandfather's death

Just the word 'exorcism' takes me back to my childhood - and not in a good way. I remember seeing the movie The Exorcist with my best friend when we were young teenagers and it gave us both nightmares for weeks. Seriously scary stuff. Imagining the s...

Man uses stun gun on 18 month old son

I admit I get frustrated by the absurd chaos of parenting at times. When Nolan flails around, frantically yelling when I'm trying to change his stinky, sweaty diaper, I want to sink two storeys into the frozen tundra. When he runs away willfully or t...

Naked student interrupts lunch, is zapped with stun gun

When you were in high school, didn't you always think it'd be kick ass to get naked, grease yourself up (so you wouldn't get caught) and run around the cafeteria screaming and flailing your arms? No? Come on! It'd be totally awesome! At least that's ...


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