Summer Reading 

Summer Reading Classics

Nothing says summer like settling in with a good book. Whether your kid has an official summer reading list or just wants to take a virtual vacation courtesy of fiction, this list of some of our favorite summer reading classics is sure to help pass t...A list of some of our favorite summer reading classics that is sure to help pass the time when it's too hot out to do anything but read.

Summer Picture Books You Must Read to Your Kids

In these hot, schedule-mangling summer months, it can be difficult to remember to read to your kids. Here are some of the more pleasantly surprising recent picture books -- breaks from the typical that will help keep you interested as you provide y...

Ways to get your child to read this summer

At the end of the school year parents often ask me is how much should their child be reading independently over the summer? I could answer this several ways. As a mom, I get that summer time is meant for lounging, for late mornings, summer camp, and...

Classroom Connection: Summer reading for boys

As an elementary teacher, I get lots of the same kinds of questions from parents every year, and all of them fall into ghe general category of "How can I help my child to do his or her best in school." With Smart Start I'll be adressing a frequently...

Reading link: Study Dog

Looking for some educational software for your Pre-K to 2nd grader? Look no further than Study Dog. The program is designed to improve or jump start reading levels in a fun, interesting way. The software has a price tag of of about $30 per volume. B...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Summer reading links

Library attendance has skyrocketed in our house during the past few days. My daughter has discovered that for every three hours she reads, and then records in her summer reading log, she receives a small reward from the library staff. She is competit...

Summer reading activities online: Dinosaurs

Summer always means summer reading programs. Our local library offers a program that awards small prizes for every three hours of logged reading time for participating kids. But there are also site available online that offer fun reading and reading ...


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