The new sunscreen dilemma

On our way to the beach last weekend, I hopped out at local Walgreen's for sunscreen. Twenty minutes later I returned, to my irritated and impatient family. "I'm sorry," I said, "But it's really hard to buy sunscreen these days." While I really appr...

Child's sunburn lands dad in hot water

When Bobby Jones played outside with his two-year-old son recently, a neighbor said that she thought he was very "attentive." Not attentive enough, apparently. Jones neglected to protect his toddler from the sun, and the boy developed second and thir...

Sun safety 101

Though it was only 48 degrees where I live yesterday, I've heard a rumor that it's finally heating up in other parts of the country. With a three day weekend on the way, that's good news! It's also a good time for a refresher course on sun safety, be...


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