Super Nanny 

The Best Parenting Advice Kathy Buckworth Ever Received...

Kathy Buckworth is a Mississauga, Ontario humourist, author, blogger and (extremely busy) mother of four children: Nicholas, 7, Bridget, 10, Alexander, 16 and Victoria, 18. She has penned four books about the joys and annoyances of parenting, includi...

Former pop singer seeks the help of Super Nanny

Wendy Wilson, former member of the singing trio Wilson Phillips, will be the first celebrity parent to seek the help of television Super nanny, Jo Frost. According to a statement from the ABC network, Wilson and husband Dan Knutson are "exhausted a...

Is the naughty chair a TV-land dream?

I am a massive fan of Jo Frost and her prim matching cardigans and her brilliant "naughty chair" concept. It's so sweet and neatly packaged, how she swoops into a home filled with obnoxious children who are so patently evil that their mother has been...

What going on "Supernanny" is really like

Have you ever watched a TV show such as "Supernanny" and wondered how things really were on the show? Well, now you can! After her husband, the disciplinarian, died two years ago, Donna Mihalik was left raising her four children alone. Well, the kids...


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