Did Your Kids Get a Flu Shot?

We know they hate needles, but will you get your kids the flu shot? Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
We haven't heard much about H1N1, aka swine flu, this season. But it's still out there, as is the good old regular flu virus.

Swine Flu Doses for Children Recalled

Pediatric doses of H1N1 vaccine are being recalled for reduced effectiveness. Credit: Nathan F, Flickr
More than 10,000 doses of swine flu vaccine are being recalled because they lost some potency during shipment. Virgina and Maryland are pull...

Don't Kiss Santa, He Might Have H1N1

Santa could spread more than good will and cheer during the holiday season. Credit: Matti Mattila, Flickr
Swine flu is definitely not on Santa's Christmas list this year, and actors who play the jolly old elf in malls across the country are askin...

CDC Announces a Huge Rise in the Estimated Pediatric Death Toll From Swine Flu

The new numbers are startling: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced at a recent press conference that in the past six months, an estimated 540 children have died in the U.S. from the H1N1 virus, known as swine flu. Just days ago, ...

Bare Handshake a No-No Now in Youth Hockey

Kids are now discouraged from hand-to-hand contact. Credit: Corbis
The latest casualty of the swine flu outbreak: Handshakes after youth hockey games. With the flu spreading, USA Hockey, the national governing body for the sport, now re...

Parent Portal: CDC Resource Center

Parent Portal is a site created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide information on keeping children healthy and safe. If your kid has the sniffles and you are wondering if it's swine flu or a just a common cold, the Parent Po...

One Third of Parents Oppose Swine Flu Vaccine for Their Kids, Poll Says

Will you have your child vaccinated for the swine flu? Credit: mharvey75, Flickr
More than a third of parents in the United States oppose getting their children vaccinated against the swine flu, according to a poll conducted this month by The Ass...

Elmo Makes a Flu PSA for Kids

In case you haven't heard, Swine Flu -- or H1N1 -- is coming back. And so is the plain ol' regular flu. Fun! OK, not fun at all. But the United States government is doing its part to raise awareness in a fun way. First, it announced a contest, asking...

Harry Potter Star Recovering from the Swine Flu

Ron Weasley caught the swine flu. Photo: Getty Images
Even celebrities -- and magic, spell-casting wizard celebs at that -- aren't immune to swine flu, which has been spreading the globe since April. Harry Potter's faithful friend Ron Weasley, ak...

Swine Flu Parties Are a Bad Idea, Say Experts

It's too soon to bring out the lollipops. Experts say swine flu parties aren't smart. Image: Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr
Here's one from the "No Kidding" file: Don't intentionally let your family get infected with the swine flu. Seems like...

Last Minute Mother's Day, Twins and Funny Videos - Links We Love

DIY flower arrangements make a great gift for Mom. Image: sxc.hu
Recession-proof your Mother's Day with DIY flower arrangements for Mom. -- Alpha Mom Dads today are more involved in their kids' lives than ever before. But do they really need a...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Pregnant Women are Smug and More - Links We Love

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting! Photo by Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
It's twins in the city for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick! The NYC power couple and son, James Wilkie, will welcome twin daughters this summ...

Family Board Games, Divorce and More - Links We Love

Keep kids busy on those rainy spring Saturdays with some family game time. Here are 15 favorite family board games. Guaranteed to be more fun than 10 games of Candyland in a row. -- LilSugar Whether you're worried about swine flu, the economy or ...


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