Book Review: Red Ted and the Lost Things

Prepare to fall in love with Red Ted. Credit: Candlewick Press
Red Ted and the Lost Things by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Joel Stewart (Candlewick, $17) Corduroy. Don Freeman's sweet, stuffed-bear icon of the '60s is bound to come to mind...

Police Replace Teddy Bears With Books

A new federal law has police departments re-thinking the toys they hand out to kids. Credit: Jek In The Box, Flickr
A law designed to protect kids from harmful chemicals means that some police officers are no longer handing out cuddl...

Teddy Bear Rescue

How far would you go to rescue your child's beloved stuffed teddy bear? Would you climb down the side of a hill in the rain? Two parents in Southern California had to answer that very question recently and found that, while their hearts were in the r...

Huggable Urns made from teddy bears

While I've never handled an urn, or had to deal with the remains of a loved one, I understand that -- for some -- it's comforting to keep those remains in memory of the deceased. But it never occurred to me that someone would want to keep their rela...

Boy organizes bear drive

I had to take Nolan to the Children's Hospital earlier this week to get a specialist's opinion on his possibly fractured leg. The hospital is brand new: bright, airy, and loaded with all kinds of kids toys and aquariums and fun activities for kids. ...

What's in the bottom of your diaper bag?

A couple of days ago I did a post about diaper bag brands. I was surprised by the amount of responses until I thought about the whole diaper bag concept. This is something we have to lug around for a minimum of three years, we take it everywhere. It ...

Beware of what your child takes on a field trip

A fish hatchery in Milford, New Hampshire has discovered that it might be best if children left all toys and security items behind when visiting their fish ponds. The staff recently had 2,500 fish perish because a teddy bear had been dropped into one...


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