SmackDown: Should Parents Teach Teens How to Drive?

Are parents really the best driving instructors? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Parents and Teens Will Drive Each Other Crazy by Jessica Samakow If your kids wanted to go skydiving, would you teach them how to jump your...
When it comes to teen driving, are parents the best teachers? Or is it time to call in the pros?

Caution: New Teen Driver, Terrified Parent

It's easy enough for the folks at AAA to say parents need to spend more time teaching teenagers how to drive. Sure, let those people hurtle the wrong way down on a one-way street during 5 p.m. rush hour, sitting next to a panicky teenage dri...Study says parents need to spend more time on the road with inexperienced, jittery and dim-witted teen drivers

Teen Drivers in New Jersey Balk at 'Scarlet Letter' Decals

New Jersey law requires drivers under the age of 21 to identify themselves with red decals on their license plates. But many young people see the decals as scarlet letters, and, ABC News reports, more than half of them simply ignore the law....

New Teen Driving Act Proposed to Help Save Lives

More than 4,000 teenagers die in car crashes in the United States each year. Credit: Getty Images
Motor vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens in the United States, with an average of 11 teens dying in car crashes each day – m...

To Bail or Not to Bail

Tough love. Could you do it? Photo: Jason Clapp/Flickr
It's probably second on the list of phone calls a parent hopes to never receive: The police telling you that your child has been arrested. Whatever they've done, it must be pretty bad and ...

Student Driver Breaks Her Mother's Legs

Student driver takes out her mother. Image: kristian stokholm/sxc.hu
Teaching your kid to drive can be a scary prospect. Few things are as frightening as sitting helplessly in the passenger seat while your anxious teen swerves perilously close to...

Teen drivers buckling up more than teen passengers

There are few things as frightening for a parent as watching their child drive off behind the wheel of a car alone for the first time. In my experience, the only thing that even comes close to that feeling is actually sitting next to your teen as she...

Gerbil blamed for teen's car crash

Whenever I travel with my dog in the car, I make sure she is safely secured in the backseat. Not only does this help protect her should I be involved in an accident, it ensures that she can't get all crazy while I'm driving and cause an accident. She...

Laws target teens texting and driving

In my experience, talking on a cell-phone while driving is dangerous. I used to do it and many times found myself at my destination having no recollection of actually driving there because I was yakking on my phone the whole time. Maybe it is just me...

Was texting the cause of fatal crash?

Back in the middle of June, I reported on a study that found that two-thirds of kids aged 18 to 24 thought it okay to send text messages while they were driving. I didn't think it a good idea then and my feelings haven't changed after reading this ar...

Parent-taught drivers more likely to have serious accidents

The Home School Legal Defense Association has been advocating parent-taught driver's education for some time. Since parents are responsible for their children's well-being and safety, shouldn't they be allowed to substitute formal driving education w...

Video games make your teen drive faster

For all of you about to entering the frightening world of driver's ed, take note: new research suggests that the more your teen plays video games, the more likely he or she is to take risks while driving. About 300 people -- both teens and adults --...

Teen drivers distracted by...texting?

There's nothing quite like sitting in your car at a stop light and doing the requisite "who is sitting next to me" look at the people around you and realizing that one of the other drivers is text messaging. Even better, the driver is a teenager. In ...


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