SmackDown: Should You Let Your Teen Get Plastic Surgery?

If your teen doesn't feel pretty, does that justify plastic surgery? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Let My Kid Get Plastic Surgery? Not on My Watch by Jo Parente Recent news: A 15-year-old girl hates her appear...
The rise in teen plastic surgery has us wondering if letting our kids get surgically altered is a good parenting move.

Eyebrows Stiffly Raised Over 'Human Barbie' Injecting Her Teen with Botox

Hannah Burge started getting Botox injections when she was 15. Credit: Masons News Service
Hey, all you 25-year-olds: A British teenager is trying to avoid looking as "haggard" as you do by getting Botox injections, some of which are adminis...

Teens getting plastic surgery for graduation

The class of 2007 is about to graduate and the announcements have starting filling my mailbox. I think cash is an appropriate gift for a new grad and that's what my friends' kids are getting from me. Who wouldn't want cash? According to the American ...


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