Rich Teens Drink More, While Poor Teens Choose to Smoke, Study Shows

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Teen smoking and drinking is tied to parents' wealth, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Teens just want to have fun and, if you're a rich kid -- think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" -- when the fo...
Turns out affluence and alcohol consumption go hand-in-hand for the teen set.

Do You Talk to Your Kids About Smoking Cigarettes?

Even "Smoking Baby" Ardi Rizal has kicked the habit. Credit: Ahamd Naafi, AFP/Getty Images In Kentucky, there's a smokers' quit line that specifically targets teenagers. One teen told WSAZ News Channel 3 that he had been smoking since ...In Kentucky, there's a smoker's quit line that specifically targets teenagers.

More Teens Smoking Pot Than Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is down among teens, but pot use is up. Credit: Chris Jackson, Getty Images There's good news and bad news for parents of teens: Your kids are just saying no to cigarettes and binge drinking, but they're saying yes to...Tobacco use and binge drinking is down among teens, but more are saying yes to pot.

Cigarette Advertising in Stores Can Light Up Teen Smoking, Study Shows

Do ads make kids light up? Credit: Getty Images
We know teens can be impressionable. In fact, a new study shows that axiom is so true that simply seeing advertisements for smoking increases the odds a teenager will pick up the habit. Childr...

Teen Girls Drawn to Cigarette Ads in Fashion Mags

Do pink cigarette ads target teen girls?
Move over Marlboro Man: Camel No. 9 is here, and he's garnered the attention of the "Gossip Girl" crowd. Cigarette manufacturer RJ Reynolds took its campaign into the heart of chic-girl culture, and r...

Parents Play Key Role In Preventing Smoking, Study Says

Parents can keep teens from smoking. Credit: Getty Images
Kids whose parents keep tabs on them and set strong limits are less likely to become habitual smokers, according to a new study. Of 270 teenagers studied, 58 percent of them had a da...

Smoking Smarties - Just Say No

There is good news and bad news on the teen smoking front. The good news is that teen smoking has been steadily declining over the past few years. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including changes in the way cigarettes are advertised, ...

Mom gets teen to behave by giving her cigarettes

My husband and I like to joke that the foundation of good parenting is bribery. Want the kids to clean their rooms, or sort the laundry, or just play nicely for a while? Offer a bribe! We're kidding, and even when we're not the bribe at our house is ...

Hurricanes lead to teen smoking

Those who live in southeast Texas are all too familiar with the damage a hurricane can do to their homes and loved ones. But what isn't so obvious is the psychological damage that remains long after the wind and rain has died down. Researchers at Uni...

Top ten health concerns about today's kids

As our friends over at That's Fit point out, there is very little to surprise in the results of the National Poll on Children's Health. The poll, conducted in March for the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, asked a nationally re...

Movies make white kids smoke

Not only does a recent study find that teenagers who watch R-rated movies are more likely to start smoking, but it also suggests that the movies are only influential over white teens, and not their black counterparts. In fact, even when researchers t...

How to stop your teen from smoking

Here's a disturbing statistic: Over 4,000 teenagers start smoking a day. While that number is disturbing, there's hope. A new study suggests that teenagers who are savvy to pro-smoking messages in movies and media may reduce their chances of starting...


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