Ashton Kutcher's new site inspired by Demi Moore's daughters

Asthon Kutcher knows of teenage girls. After all, he drives a carload of them to school every morning. Rather than letting their conversations roll right in one ear and out the other, however, he took notice. "Teens have a pulse on popular culture th...

The pressure of being a teen

Every generation thinks they have it tougher than the one before. And, you know what? They probably do. Like the new iphone, every generation is expected to be smarter, faster, better, and thinner than the last. So it is with teenagers, teenage girls...

Kim Cattrall pens new book for teen girls

You never know who is going to have some worthy advice to impart upon our youth, but sometimes the answer takes us a bit by surprise. Kim Cattrell, famous for her over-the-top, sex infused character, Samantha on Sex and the City, has written a new bo...


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