Temper Tantrums: Mama Don't Play That Game

When temper tantrums hit, this mom doesn't back down. Illustration by Dori Hartley
It's one of those mornings. I try not to take them personally. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Daughter #2 had gone to bed at a sensible 8:15...
There is no negotiating with a first-grade terrorist. One must be prepared to make a spectacle.

Don't Let Public Temper Tantrums Give You Fits

Stay calm when your child melts down in public. Credit: Felipe Pimentel, Flickr
Tantrums are a normal part of childhood, but that doesn't make them pleasant for parents -- especially when they happen in public places.
Still, there are things ...

Why Can't My Asperger's Son Be Mainstreamed in School?

Dear AdviceMama, The school district wants to put my son in a self-contained class all day at school. What is the best way to fight this? He has Asperger's, ADHD, and some behavior problems, but he is very smart (tested above average on their ...

Naomi Campbell claims fallopian tube operation saved her life

Recently we at ParentDish reported to you that Naomi Campbell was ready to be a mom now that she's had some secretive corrective surgery to help her conceive. well, now all the walls are down and Campbell is being extremely open and detailed with ...

Preschooler investigated for threatening his friends

I don't know why the teachers at The Family Development Center at University of Colorado would take away a child's pillow right before nap time, but for some reason they did. And the child who lost his pillow was not happy. In fact, 4-year-old Kyle k...

Daycare learnings

Nolan has recently sprouted and can now reach the top of my desk. His little sticky fingers search out danger: he can smell it from anywhere in the house and he wants it near him. Robby and I were sitting on the couch when Nolan presented us with hi...

What to do about a hitting baby?

Over the weekend, Nolan started a perplexing new activity: hitting his Mom. Nolan is nearly 14 months old, and up till now, he's never displayed any kind of aggression. He plays well, shares well, and genuinely likes kids. He has always taken comfort...

How to help prevent temper tantrums

Everyone knows what it's like to witness a child's temper tantrum. Even before you had kids of your own, you may remember standing in a grocery store line behind some woman who may have uttered that two-letter word no 2-year-old wants to hear - N-O -...

Shopping meltdowns, part of every parent's holiday landscape

After I wrote about my holiday shopping experience - the Christmas spirit was everywhere!, now, with meltdowns! - I went surfing around some new-to-me parenting blogs. I was particularly impressed with this post from The View From Crazy. Her two-year...


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