Cursive Writing a Thing of the Past?

Ever since she learned to hold a pencil, Ellie has been fascinated by cursive writing. She loves the loops and curves of script writing and works hard at perfecting the art. In the past, all of this writing practice has been done at home because it w...

Children and eating disorders

We all knew that girl in high school, the one who never ate anything. She was pencil thin, with paper thin hair and skin. She was anorexic or bulimic, but no one ever talked about it. She withered away right in front of us and no one realized it wa...

Teacher Talk: Mr. P

My niece had a wonderful third grade teacher. He really made a difference for her, especially in math, a subject with which she had always had difficulty. In his class, however, it was different. His name was something difficult to pronounce, so all ...

Are your field trips free?

Last night while talking to a friend of mine who is a third grade teacher in the local public school, we wandered on to the subject of field trips. She was venting her frustrations about the fact that although there are so many wonderful things to do...

Annual letters from the kids on NPR

Jeff Horwich from Minnesota Public Radio wondered, if the kids wrote the traditional annual family letter, what would they talk about? A couple of the highlights: "People don't call me little kid, and I feel like I stand up to bullies more.....


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