Riding the Rails: Backpack Through Europe With the Kids

Follow some simple guidelines and take the kids across Europe by train this summer. Credit: markhillary, Flickr
You did it after college, when you were sowing your wild oats. Now, you have a family, but that shouldn't stop you from taking you...

Not Your Ordinary Summer: Taking A Family Adventure Vacation

Looking for an adventure vacation, but scared to take your kids? Relax. It can be done. Credit: Joshua Berman
Leora Rothschild has been booking safari adventures for families since 1998, but this is the first time she's going to the bush with...

Frequent Flyer

Can cute luggage keep "are we there yet?" questions to a minimum? Credit: Dante Beatrix
Spring break is just around the corner, but your excitement might well be overshadowed by the thought of dragging six suitcases through the airport. Woul...

Travelling with Children? What to Pack in the Activity Bag

A couple of years ago, my husband and I flew with three children, ages 5, 4, and 14 months, to Nicaragua, one of the least-developed countries in the Americas. It is also stunningly beautiful, wild and friendly, its varied geography pock-marked by vo...

TSA Opens Family Lanes

Happy holidays from the Transportation Security Authority -- every airport across the nation now has special security lanes just for travelers who may need extra time or assistance, such as families, those unfamiliar with the security process, and th...

Tips on a plane

My reality dictates that I must travel with Nolan in a plane at least once every two months. It's only a short flight we must take -- less than an hour -- but nonetheless, about a week before the bi-monthly trip, I start stressing out, just a little....

The best age to travel

An update email from one of my best friends popped up in my gmail today. She's on a ship near Australia, helping to save the whales, a mission dear to her heart. "I'm so proud of you, Shannon," I typed, but my heart lay writhing in filthy envy somew...

A solution to parenting in a public washroom

I am traveling solo with Nolan over the holidays, and already I am dreading the inevitable public washroom dilemma. Inevitably, at the end of the plane ride, after wrangling with a squirmy toddler for two hours, I am in frantic need for a washroom. A...

Blogging Baby City Guides: London

While I can see the merits of an all-inclusive resort where Elmo eats dinner with your kids, I can't see the cultural value or life experience gained. There is something about immersing your children in a different culture, one that's rich with histo...

Trunki: ride on carry on

Trunki is an interesting idea in children's luggage. Now instead of carting a stroller through the airport you can just pull your kid along on his suitcase. I've had some trips recently where I personally could have used some ride-on luggage. Availa...


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