Travelling with kids 

Planning a Family Roadtrip - Eat, Play, Plan

Plan to bring books or games to make long car trips easier. Credit: Getty Images
Hitting the open road on your next family vacation? We've got some tips to help make the trip as pain-free as possible. Games and activities: The driver is busy d...

Hayley Wickenheiser: Hockey Star, Olympic Gold Medallist and Super Mom

Hayley Wickenheiser has been called the heart and soul of the Canadian Olympic Women's Hockey Team. She's been an integral member since women's hockey was introduced as a medal event at the 1998 Olympics, where the team took silver. They brought home...

Canadian Children's Author Dishes on Work, Travel and Parenting Teens

Helaine Becker doesn't do mornings. But that doesn't stop her from being a prolific and award-winning author of children's books, as well as a busy mother of two teenage boys -- Michael, 17, and Andrew, 15. The Toronto writer and public speaker has p...

Should airplanes have a kid's section?

(Click the photo to see 5 essential travel tips for kids on planes) These days, traveling by air can be an extreme test of patience and restraint. Herded like cattle and crammed into tiny seats, most of us suffer quietly and try to make the best ...

Offering to help when it may not be wanted

My colleague recently had an anxious experience on a 5 hour flight from New York to San Francisco. It wasn't turbulence or dirty airplane blankets or even a snoring businessman encroaching into her seat -- it was a stressful family situation she witn...

Medicating kids for flights

Interesting read on the phenomenon of parents giving their children a dose of medication to help them sleep while travelling, especially by air when their child's unhappiness might affect other travellers. The article cites a poll at a...


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