Is Tween Fashion Too Sexy?

A recent shopping trip to her local mall turned into a jaw-dropping experience for Roxann Reid-Severance. As the Chicago-area mother of two girls, ages 10 and 7, shopped with her oldest daughter for a dress for the tween to wear to a family wed..."Hookers on parade," is how one mom describes the dresses she saw on display during a recent mall visit.

Jonas Brothers Launch Tween Clothing Line

The Jonas Brothers may have mixed things up a bit by establishing themselves as pop music stars before starring in their own tween-friendly sitcom, but no matter. From here on out they are following the standard Disney formula for separating parents ...

What's hot for back to school tween fashion

In my house we have a little bit of everything when it comes to age variety. There is the teenage boy, 14. The tween girl, 10. And lastly, the preschool boy, just a couple weeks shy of three. There is noise galore, demands, squabbling, much driving a...


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