KidPop News: 'Tangled' Gets Tested, Austen Gets a Twilight Treatment and Mr. Men Get a Movie Deal

Amazon Rapunzel's Hair is Cleared for Climbing The engineers at Imperial College in London have been putting their highly-educated brains to good use, designing an experiment to show that human hair is capable of...

Are Babies Named After Werewolves Just a Blogosphere Legend?

Are werewolves really leading the pack when it comes to names for boys? Credit: Corbis
Trend alert! More and more parents are naming their kids after ... verevolves! (You have to say it with an accent to make it sufficiently dramatic.) Seri...
Blogs are howling over werewolf names for babies, but are they just baying at the moon?

Modern Baby Names for Boys

Is Jacob from "Twilight" the inspiration behind your baby boy's name? Credit: Peter Kramer, AP
Once a popular biblical name, the name Jacob has experienced a renaissance in recent years to become the most popular modern baby name for boys in the ...
Pop culture may be driving name trends, but many modern names have more traditional roots.

Real-Life 'Twilight' Saga: Teens Sucking Each Other's Blood

Bella and Edward wannabe couples are all about love bites. Credit: Karunpillai, Summit Entertainment
American teens are sinking their teeth into each other's necks, literally. Inspired by the "Twilight" series and heartthrob vampire Edward Cu...
Love bites takes on a whole new meaning as teens act like they're vampires, sinking their teeth into each other's skin.

Twilight Star Kristen Stewart's Cartoon Biography Sells Out in One Day

Twilight stars turned cartoons for their biographies. Credit: Bluewater Productions
Thought the "Twilight" craze was dying down a bit? Sorry, parents of Twi-hards. Bluewater Productions released "Fame: Kristen Stewart," a comic book-styled bio...

Kids' Neck Sizes Could Indicate Risk of Obesity Disorders

If the vampires from "Twilight" would look at your child's plump neck and drool, you might have problems. Kids with chubby necks risk more than joining the army of the undead: They could be fat. Measuring the circumference of a kid's neck cou...

Reviews: What's New This Week

Here is a look at what's new this week in family entertainment as adapted from reviews and ratings by Common Sense Media. Click on the links to read the reviews in full. In Theaters: Toy Story 3 Andy's animated toys are back in "Toy Story 3," the...

Texas Teen Wolves Say Their Bark is Worse Than Their Bite

There are teenage werewolves roaming the streets of San Antonio, Texas. They have fangs, tails and eerie animal eyes. One werewolf feature they do not have, however, is fur. This is San Antonio, after all. The average temperature for the ne...

Most Popular Baby Names of 2009: Jacob & Isabella

The U.S. government has announced the nation's most popular baby names. America, here's your Top 10: Boys: 1. Jacob 2. Ethan 3. Michael 4. Alexander 5. William 6. Joshua 7. Daniel 8. Jayden 9. Noah 10 Anthony Girls: 1. Isabella 2....

That Bites: 'Twilight' Series Ranks High on List of Books Criticized by Parents, Educators

Just a typical love story of girl-meets-vampire. Credit: Summit Entertainment
It isn't easy loving a vampire. "Twilight" fans, or Twihards, can relate to vampire-loving human Bella now that Stephenie Meyer's series has landed at No. 5 on the...

Jennie Garth Joins In On the '90210' Kids Book Trend

Jennie Garth, left, is adding children's book author to her resume. Credit: Alexandra Wyman,
First, it was Tori Spelling who announced she'd be penning a children's book. Now, Jennie Garth, her "90210" co-star, says she'll also be...

'Twilight' Actor Kellan Lutz to Star in Underwear Ads

Actor Kellan Lutz at the premiere of "Dear John"on February 1, 2010 in Hollywood. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
As if "Twilight" heartthrob Kellan Lutz didn't already have enough admirers, things could get even crazier for the actor ...

The Name of the Year

Can you tell the story of a year in names? According the folks at, sister site to The Name Lady's own home base,, their annual Name of the Year competition is a "cultural time capsule." Site founder Laura Wattenb...

Has Twilight Ruined My Favorite Baby Names?

I have always loved the names Jasper and Edward, but my mother thinks I'm crazy to even consider them because they are both names of characters in the Twilight saga. I think she might be right that my son would constantly be telling people that no,...

Twilight Movie Blamed for Boy's Biting Binge

According to a dad in Des Moines, vampires are to blame for his son's recent misbehavior. Specifically, he says his 13-year-old son went on a biting spree at his middle school because of the movie "Twilight". Yes, that's right. Dad says his boy didn'...


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