The Preschooler and the Princess: Bringing baby home

Life with two has been an interesting ride so far. I remember pondering ideal age gaps here on this site, and the 32 months between my kids seems to be pretty good, though getting pregnant when he turned two? Well, I might recommend otherwise. I g...

Back to blogging for the brain

Hello online readers and friends! After an extended absence, it seems I've really missed the minutiae of my life being recounted online and sharing my thoughts and opinions with all of you. Though we don't always agree, I'm always amused and often en...

The Second Time Around: Double Stroller Debacles

With two months left to go in this pregnancy, it suddenly dawned on me that I would have to get both of kids around somehow. That's right -- two diapered bums, one solitary stroller. Hmm... So I did what any modern mum would do, I turned to the inter...


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