Technology Lets Parents 'Hold' Unborn Baby

New technology takes ultrasound imaging to the next level. Image: sxc.hu
Since the 1980's, the use of ultrasound technology has become commonplace in the obstetrician's office. Using sound waves to create an image, the information doesn't just he...

Naomi Watts says Breastfeeding Lead to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

As you may recall it's only been a few weeks since actress Naomi Watts had her second child. The Mulholland Drive star and beau Liev Schreiber welcomed son Samuel on December 13; recently, they spotted on the red carpet promoting Schreiber's latest e...

Will obesity in a pregnant woman sway her kid's vote?

I gotta tell ya, after reading this article, it's doubtful. Possible, sure--anything is--but doubtful. I love Olivia Judson, the biologist and oft-contributor to the New York Times. She brings out the science nerd buried not so far within me. Her ...

Does exercise help pregnant women stop smoking?

One would think the obvious answer to that question is yes. One would surmise that exercise would help anyone stop smoking, right? After all, you're striving to do something healthy, sort of the opposite of smoking, by getting out there and running...

Are women treated as "walking uteruses?"

It was nearly a half-century ago that science uncovered just how harmful drugs could be to a developing fetus. The threat--thalidomide. I don't even know what thalidomide is, save for the phrase from the Billy Joel song We Didn't Start the Fire, but...

"Pregorexia" takes moms by storm

(Click the photo to see which celebs might be "pregorexic") It seems like it should be common sense. Don't diet while pregnant. Yet for many moms these days that seems to be the trend. Many of them are successful at it--but at what cost to their un...

Pregnancy labels for medicine?

The Federal Drug Administration is proposing a change to the way medicines are labeled with warnings for pregnant women. Doctors have been complaining forever that data was available that was not included on labels or that the information that was p...

Stressed out pregnant moms drinking and smoking

I know lots of women who drink alcohol and some who smoke cigarettes. I don't know a single one who did either while pregnant. Well, for all I know these women were hiding in their garages each night secretly chugging wine and puffing on cigarettes, ...


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