Child of Unwed Mother in '92 Grad Photo to Get Her Diploma

Zoey Gilbert, 18, is about to graduate Ventura High School where her mother Cyndi Gilbert commenced 18 years ago. Credit: Karen Quincy Loberg, vcstar.com
Eighteen years ago, 17-year-old Cyndi Gilbert walked with her classmates to receive her dipl...

High school girls make pregnancy pact

Earlier this year, when an unusually high number of girls began showing up in the Gloucester High School clinic asking for pregnancy tests, school officials began to wonder what was going on. Was it a fluke? Was it the influence of movies like Juno a...

Out of wedlock births a national catastrophe?

According to recent statistics, out of wedlock babies now make up 40% of the total number of births in the United States. According to a recent Slate article by Emily Yoffe, out-of-wedlock births are a national catastrophe for the country. As one of...

Is marriage a luxury item?

If you are married with children, your are in the minority. Married couples with children now account for less than one in every four households in the United States. Researchers say marriage rates in general have declined over the past 20 years. ...

40% of U.S. children are born out of wedlock, is yours one of them?

This is an article that soothed my somewhat scandalous soul: nearly half of all U.S. babies are illegitimate. It is not the unwed teen aged mothers who are driving up the statistics, but the over all acceptance to children born out of wedlock. I know...

6 out of 10 U.S. babies born in wedlock

A U.S. government report that analyzed 99 percent of births in 2005 has pointed out some interesting trends in regards to birth. Four out of ten babies in the United States are born out of wedlock, with the highest age group contributing to the fact ...


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