TV Review: 'Beverly Hills Fabulous'

Watch Video Related to This Article Rated IFFY for Ages 13-14 What Parents Need to Know Parents need to know that this reality series -- which follows the staff of Elgin Charles, a Beverly Hills salon that caters to an African-American client..."Beverly Hills Fabulous" is a beauty shop reality show with lots of gossip and divas.

Unknown Teen Lands Role on New Rosie O'Donell Show

Remember how mad some of you got when I wrote about Will Smith securing the rights to the Karate Kid movie for his son, Jaden? Well, those of you should get some vindication out of the fact that Rosie O'Donell has cast a virtual--OK, total--unknow...

Scott Baio is 45 and pregnant

Well, he isn't pregnant, but his girlfriend Renee is. If you watched the finale of his reality show, Scott Baio Is 45 ... and Single, then you already knew that. The show, which aired on VH1, followed the former Happy Days star through an eight-week ...

Brooke Shields Feels Like the 'Odd Mom Out'

I have always admired Brooke Shields. Besides being gorgeous and smart, she's managed to navigate the rocky road of stardom without turning into a tabloid joke. Tom Cruise might disagree, but I think she was blessed with a common sense that seems to ...

Corey Feldman finds fatherhood healing

For a number of years any sort of title beginning with the words Corey Feldman was sure to end in a blurb about drugs, bad behavior and a comment about the unfortunate side effects of childhood stardom. But it seems like the former childhood star is ...

VH-1's Little Beauties is not a pretty show

When I watch television, I usually stoop to the lowest of lows. I don't want to be intellectually stimulated in any way when I sit my rump down on the couch. I want to relax and be entertained. The other night I found the perfect show to satisfy my l...


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