5 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

Vacation is about unplugging and recharging! Credit: Getty Images What's the biggest challenge facing families this summer? Cancelled flights? Rain delays? Try unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. For kids, that means no...What's the biggest challenge facing families this summer? Cancelled flights? Rain delays? Try unplugging from our 24/7 media lives.

5 Ways to Unplug on Vacation

The biggest challenge for family vacation is unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. Credit: Getty Images What's the biggest challenge facing families this summer? Canceled flights? Rain delays? Try unplugging from our 24/7 media lives. F...With planning and self-control, you can ditch the gadgets and enjoy some family face time.

Do You Pull Your Child Out of School for Family Vacations?

Credit: Getty Images
Do you pull your child out of school for family vacations?
The Kansas City Star reports on a recent Travel Industry of America poll that found 16 million parents "let children miss school to gain travel experien...
Family vacations are great. But school is important. Do you let your child skip school for vacations?

Make-and-Learn-Crafts: Lasting Summer Memories in a Shadow Box

Turn summer vacation memories into a hanging scrapbook page for all to see and enjoy. Credit: Gina Provenzano
When vacation euphoria is over and all that remains is sand embedded in the car seats and layers of mud caked in sneakers, stop and ta...

Front Seat Storage Bag Yields Safer Car Trips

Park it up front for a safer ride. Credit: The Silly Wagon
The Wisey Car Bag helps minimize distractions while driving alone with the kids, so you can keep your eyes on the road, where they belong. Designed to hang on the front passenger sea...

Sun-Sensitive Wristband Helps Shun Sunburns

Sure makes sense to us. Credit: UVSunSense
Is it a battle every time you need to reapply your kid's sunscreen while you're at the pool, park or beach? UVSunSense wristbands can bring peace to your play day. Simply wrap one around your kid's ...

Tips for Planning a Family Summer Vacation

Oh, Mickey, you're so fine! Credit: Raymond Brown, Flickr
You've kept the kids' summer schedule busy with trips to the pool, the movie theater and play dates all over town. But if you're ready to get out of town for a bit, it's not too late to ...

Come Clean While Keeping Things Dry

Mildew, be gone. Credit: Uncommon Goods
There's nothing like returning from the pool or the shore with a bag full of wet clothes, books and magazines to dampen your day. But here's how to keep things sunny: Just in time for beach season, the...

The Real Reason Your In-Laws Don't Want You (and Your Baby) to Visit

Got a mule handy? Great! Because here's what one of the parenting magazines suggests you take along if you're traveling to, say, your brother-in-law's house for a long weekend with your baby:
A portable crib
A baby monitor Stair gates C...

Yes, That Mosquito Really is After You

Don't scratch that mosquito bite, it may get infected. Credit: Hakan Hjort, Getty Images
If you spend most of your summer days fending off mosquitoes, while most everyone around you seems to be immune, you may think the little pests have it in ...

How to Make the Most of Your Next 'Staycation'

Visit a local zoo on your next "staycation." Credit: Getty Images
Maybe money is tight or you're short on time, or you just want to stay at home during your next vacation. It's still possible to plan a fun and memorable time. When planning a "...

Teddy Bear Needs a Vacation? Send Him on a Luxury Trip, While You Stay at Home

Would you send your child's teddy bear on the trip of a lifetime? Credit: Michal Cizek, AFP / Getty Images
We've heard of parents shelling out their hard-earned dough for teddy bear clothing, accessories and even tea parties, but spending nearly ...

Summer Road Trip Tips for Families

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be painful. Photo: I don't know about you, but the summer sunshine sure ignites my wanderlust. In just a few weeks I'll pack up my family for a four-week road trip across five states, ending up at th...

Peaceful Family Roadtrips - Tips for a Fight-Free Vacation

Every summer when our boys were young, we loaded them in the car before dawn and took off for our annual family vacation in Colorado. And every summer on departure day I was in a bad mood. Why? Well, for weeks I'd been planning the trip -- researchin...

Planning a Road Trip? Stay Busy in the Car

Car Games
Do you drive the minivan with the DVD player or without? If you're taking a car trip this summer and constantly telling your kids to "watch the corn grow" or seriously limit road screen time like you do at home, check out ...


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