The positive side of presidential politics

Welcome to Red Mom Blue Mom, ParentDish's special coverage of the 2008 Presidential election. Each Tuesday through November 4, columnists Rachel Campos-Duffy (Red Mom) and Ada Calhoun (Blue Mom) will take on issues relevant to parents on both sid...

Sarah Palin has a name for your baby

Are you having a baby but haven't yet figured out what to call the little bundle of joy? (Hey, I understand -- despite having the best names ever, our son Tuolumne Ezra was several days old before he had a name.) Could it be that you just don't think...

"Goodnight Bush" - Goodnight Moon for grownups

I think right about now we could all use some hilarity. The economy is in the toilet. We're still in the middle of a war. You know--all that business. Well, here's a little something that might bring a smile to your otherwise foreclosure-filled day...

Running mate's teenage daughter pregnant

Over the weekend, the internet was awash with rumors that Sarah Palin, the 44 year old governor of Alaska and newly named running mate of Republican presidential candidate John McCain may have faked the pregnancy of her 5th child, Trig to cover that ...

Mary Cheney returns to work

As Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, a published author, and experienced executive, I'm sure Mary Cheney could afford to stay home with her seven-month-old son Samuel indefinitely. Instead, she is returning to work as a Vice President (like fath...


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