Dad Reprimanded for Letting Daughter Walk to Bus Stop

The driver on the bus says ... that's dangerous! Credit: Zemlinki!, Flickr
Why did the 7-year-old cross the road? Why, to get to the other side, of course -- but the punchline isn't so funny to some officials in one quiet English village....
One father's decision to let his daughter cross the road to get to the school bus got him in some big trouble with child protective services.

Walking School Buses Offer a Safe Route to School

When the town of Lecco, Italy decided to tackle childhood obesity and greenhouse gasses at the same time, the city took a radical step. They did away with school buses, but kept the school bus drivers. Today, staff and volunteers walk the school bus ...

Year two: Do the kids walk to school, get driven, or take the bus?

Last year, I posted about how I was trying to decide how my kids should get to school. My neighbor, who doesn't get up with her children (ages 14 and eight) before school, thinks they should take the bus. But heck, we only live a half mile away from ...


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