D.C. High School Hires Its First Female Head Football Coach

Natalie Randolph coaches players at H.D. Woodson, where she was an assistant coach before being named head coach at Coolidge High School. Credit: Preston Keres, TWP/Getty Images The new football coach at Coolidge High School in Was...

Bill Would Require Teachers to Be Fired for Having Sex With Students

If a new bill passes, the Washington, D.C. school system will be required to fire teachers who are found to have engaged in a sex act with a student. The emergency legislation, sponsored by D.C. Council member Kwame Brown (D-At Large), does not...

The Obamas - A Mother-in-Law in the White House

Of all the images that came out of Barack Obama's November 4th victory, one of my favorites is the one of him and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, sitting on the couch watching returns ... her hand in his. Their bond was so clear in that one ph...

Attempted robbery ends in group hug

Imagine you are enjoying a nice meal with your family and friends when suddenly an armed robber appears. He holds a gun to a guest's head and demands that you hand over your money or he will shoot. Should you: (a) tackle the intruder and hope for the...

Dropout teenage mom becomes DC police chief

Upon confirmation by city council, Cathy L. Lanier will officially be named the police chief of Washington, DC. She becomes one of only a few women running large city police departments and the fact that she is a white woman leading the force in a la...


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