Customize Your Own Eco-Friendly Beverage Bottle

Drink, enjoy, and fill it back up! Credit: SIGG
Sick of buying countless brown paper bags and plastic water bottles to get through the school year? Yeah, so is your landfill. Make the switch to reusable lunch boxes and beverage bottles tha...

Bye Bye BPA Bottles

Parents concerned about bisphenol A (BPA) can breathe a sigh of relief. The top six baby bottle makers have said that they will stop using the potentially harmful chemical in their baby products. For the record, those companies are Avent, Disney Firs...

Safer water bottles to keep your kids hydrated

Water bottles made from corn? Yes. They are fabulous. I bought my children a few this summer and they love them. Made from a renewable resource, these bottles help in more way than one. The plastic is safe and will not grow any bacteria. They come in...


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