Cut Costs, Not Fun at Theme Parks

Theme parks and water parks are gearing up for summer, and the owners (not to mention your kids) are hoping that your family and others don't cut this summer ritual from your entertainment budget. Some parks are offering massive discounts. According ...

Wisconsin students sickened during swimming lesson

For the last few winters, I've wanted to take our family to one of those indoor water parks that are so popular right now. But I've heard from people who have been to our local facility that the chlorine levels are really high, and that they've all l...

Image of the Day: It'a all about playing in the water

The days of summer are coming to a close as schools across the country are opening their doors. This pair, I like to think they are siblings, look as though they are using the last of the summer afternoons to their best ability. I love the round sha...

Great America plans to require life vests

Four-year-old Carlos Flores drowned in the wave pool at the Great America amusement park last week. The boy was, according to his mother, in the pool by himself when he drowned. Yolanda Flores claims that there were only four lifeguards on duty, not ...

Blogging Baby Size 6: Summer vacations that won't bleed your bank account

CNN has an article about family vacations that won't break the bank. They state their vacation destinations as an alternative to European destinations. However, some of their destinations didn't strike me as being very cost-effective: St. Lucia, Denv...


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