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Spend a safe and fun summer with your kids. Photo: sxc.hu
Don't let kids waste beautiful summer days in front of the TV or video games. Here are five ways to keep the whole family active and healthy this summer. -- Health.com
One of those ...

Should Babies Take Swimming Lessons?

Swimming lessons alone won't keep your child safe around water. Image: sxc.hu
Most of us, whether we live near the water or not, want our children to learn to swim as early as possible. Not being able to swim is a safety concern and a valid one a...

Single Dad Shunned at Swimming Pool

Certainly, Phillip Smith's two sons, five-year-old Jake and three-year-old Aiden need to be supervised when in a swimming pool. How much supervision they require depends upon a number of factors: their familiarity with and abilities in the water, the...

Teen saves boy from drowning

Water safety is pretty darn important, especially if you're going to be hanging out at the lake. You can either opt for swim lessons, a good lifejacket or PFD (personal flotation device), or, you could just keep Jason Wright of British Columbia, Cana...

The impossibility of water floaties

Now that summer is officially here (in Texas, at least), I've been bringing my children to the local pools several times a week. Since my kids are both young toddlers who don't know how to swim and since there's only one of me, I've worried how to ke...

Free things to do with your kids: the fish hatchery

In an ongoing attempt to find free, easily accessible activities to do with my children, we recently visited our local D.O.W. fish hatchery. This is actually an outing we make every few months. I used to do it with my mother as a child and loved watc...


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