Xbox 360 

New Kinnect Games System: 10 Best (and Worst) Things About It

Clear the living room: It's video game time! Credit: Microsoft.
1. No controllers! In case you haven't seen the ads filled with images of people who appear to be playing charades while standing in front of their TV sets, Kinect is ...
Can a video game actually make you a better dancer?

Read the Bible On Your XBox 360

Bible Navigator X lets you read the Bible on your XBox 360. Credit: Joystiq
Video gaming just got a little holier. Now you can actually read the Bible on your XBox 360. Seriously. Created by B&H Publishing Group and available in the XBo...

PlaySavvy Helps Moms Learn About Video Games

Hate to say it folks (and I know I'm about to get hit), but fathers sometimes do know best about video games. There's a fair share of dads who know their way around a wireless controller. But how many moms do you know who actually play video games fo...


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