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Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck

Families join together to do good for others with this feel-good game. Credit: Boom Boom! Revolution The Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck is a wonderful way to teach your kids about the power of performing good deeds for others. Each ...With the Boom Boom! Family Deck, you don't just pay it forward, you actually play it forward.

Boy, 9, Sells His Toys to Raise $2.85 for Gabrielle Giffords

Isaac Saldana, 9, sold his stuff to raise money for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Credit: Aracely Saldana In the wake of the Arizona shooting rampage that killed six people and wounded 13, many have wondered what they can do to help the sur...The young boy sold his prized possessions to raise money for the congresswoman.

Pilot Delays Takeoff for Dying 2-Year-Old's Grandfather

In a brilliant flash of humanity that almost makes up for the bad press airlines have been getting for years, a Southwest Airlines pilot delayed takeoff of a flight last week out of compassion for a desperate Arizona man who was trying to reach ...Airline holds flight for a grandfather rushing to see his grandson before he was pulled off life support.

Michigan teens pass homecoming honor to student with leukemia

All too often, stories about teenagers in the news involve something horrific or awful. What seems to fly under the radar are the accounts of selflessness and teenage greatness that exist. And they do exist. Five senior athletes of Lake Fenton High ...


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