Patch Might Not Be Best Treatment for Lazy Eye

The patch may be a thing of the past when it comes to treating lazy eyes. Credit: Corbis The pirate look may be cute on Johnny Depp or kids in day care, but going to school with a patch over one eye can be humiliating for primary and m...A new study shows acupuncture may be more effective than the patch.

Acupuncture and Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It can also be a pain in the--well, it can be a pain in a lot of places. Those of us who've tackled the trail more than once can attest to back problems, leg problems, headaches and swelling places we d...

Acupuncture may improve IVF success

While I was lucky to be able to achieve both of my pregnancies without medical intervention, I've had a number of friends who faced infertility. Hormone shots, artificial inseminations, in vitro fertilization -- many experienced the whole range of in...

Acupuncture during labor?

When it comes to labor, many women may feel that they can either have an epidural (or other form of drug relief) or you can deal with the contractions. While I've heard of using hypnosis during birth, this is the first time that I've heard of women u...

Twice as nice

An article in the L.A. Times described the use of alternative medicine in conjunction with Western medicine in Southern California. Growing numbers of Americans are also eager to experiment with alternative therapies. They take herbs to boost their i...


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