Report: 90 Percent of Addicts Started Using as Teens

The teen years are a time when addiction is especially possible, because adolescent brains are more sensitive and teens are more apt to experiment. Credit: Getty Images Sorry, parents, but drug use among many teens is not just a pass...
Expert calls teen substance abuse America's no. 1 public health problem.

Mackenzie Phillips Talks Addiction, Incest and Why She's Not a Victim

Mackenzie Phillips says she has no regrets in life. Credit: Michael Tullberg, Getty Images
Mackenzie Phillips was born into rock and roll royalty.
The daughter of "Papa" John Phillips, the legendary Mamas and the Papas founder, she ...
The actress's memior, "High on Arrival," is now out in paperback with an added chapter.

Video Games Can Cause Mental Health Problems, Study Finds

Video games may be affecting your relationship with your kid. Credit: Stockdisc, Getty Images Although most kids don't become addicted to video games, you may still want to keep a sharp eye on your child's gaming habits. A study r...Pathological gamers tend to be more impulsive, have lower social competence and are less empathic.

Melissa Gilbert Shares Her Struggle to Get Sober as Spokesperson

Melissa Gilbert is living sober. Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
From starring as a child in the beloved role of Laura Ingalls to last year's release of her book "Prairie Tale," in which she writes honestly of her drug binges and alcoholis...
From her role of Laura Ingalls to last year's release of her book "Prairie Tale," in which she writes honestly of her drug binges and alcoholism, Melissa Gilbert has lived much of her life in the spotlight, and now she's using her celebrity to help keep kids off drugs.

Parents Gamble Kids' Safety, Leaving Them in Cars at Casinos

Some parents' addiction to gambling is overwhelming their common sense. Credit: Andres Rueda, Flickr
Some Pennsylvania parents are gambling with their children's lives. The Lebanon Daily News reports that in this year alone, seven patrons ...
Some Pennsylvania parents are gambling with their children's lives. In this year alone, seven patrons of a casino in PA have left a total of 12 kids alone in the car while they placed their bets, and lawmakers are taking notice.

Moms and Internet Addiction

For a stay-at-home mom, a computer with an Internet connection can truly be a lifeline. When diapers, Barney and baby talk become just too much, adult interaction is just a click away. But for some moms, the lure of the online world becomes too tempt...

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni stayed together for their kids

As we all know by now, in what seems somehow too sad to be true, veteran television star David Duchovny and his box office babe wife, Tea Leoni, are divorcing. It came as news to many, however, that the pair had actually been separated for several...

Former child star arrested for cocaine

Tatum O'Neal, star of television's hit series Rescue Me and former child celebrity, has been arrested. Ms. O'Neal, daughter of Ryan O'Neal and former wife of tennis champ John McEnroe, who won an Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon, was arrest...

Drug use and pregnancy

A District Attorney in Covington County, Alabama has made some tough choices of late, including a crackdown on pregnant women who are found to have been using drugs. As a result, pregnant drug users are having their babies and then immediately faci...

Study: Teen drug use declining

I recently watched a documentary on the history of drugs. It seems that human beings have been getting high forever and the only thing that really changes is the drug of choice. And while the good news is that a new study by University of Michigan's ...

Teens underestimate the dangers of meth

When I first moved from New York to my current home in Idaho, I expected to find a cleaner, safer, more wholesome place to raise a child. And I did. But I also quickly learned about a drug that I had heretofore been ignorant of - meth. I suppose I ha...

The summer of drugs and alcohol

This summer was the first that Ellie and I both got to stay home together every single day. I didn't go to an office and she didn't go to day care or summer school. I enjoyed our time together more than I thought possible and am sad that it is over. ...

The hidden dangers of lip-balm addiction

At the risk of posting a fear mongering article based on fluff science, I feel it is my duty to warn you about the dangers of lip-balm addiction. If you, like me, find yourself constantly reapplying moisturizing balm to your lips, you may be addicted...

Study: Teen drug use at school getting worse

Back when I was in high school, drug use at my school was common. We had a school-sanctioned smoking area for students, located in a courtyard between two wings of the school. Few students were actually old enough to legally smoke, yet hundreds gathe...

Wynonna Judd on saving herself and her children

Wynonna Judd has something to say to women who think their love and devotion can fix a broken man. "... all you women out there who say love can change anything? You know what it can do? It can get you in a lot of trouble," she says. She knows of wha...


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