Teens prefer liquor over beer

I remember very well my first experience drinking alcohol. I was a teenager and it was myself and two friends, sitting in a dark church yard, passing a bottle of Boone's Farm Tickle Pink between us. I remember we all thought it tasted awful, but that...

Anne Hathaway: a nice, boring role model

Ellie recently asked me what was wrong with Lindsay Lohan. I am not sure exactly how she heard about Lohan's arrest, but she did and wanted to know what happened. On the one hand, it was a good opportunity to talk to her about drugs and alcohol and a...

Young people turning on to Salvia, the 'legal LSD'

Salvia divinorum, a plant of the sage species, has been used for decades in religious ceremonies by the Mazatec shamans in Oaxaca, Mexico. When smoked or chewed, the plant causes hallucinations and intense out-of-body experiences. The chemical found ...

Hurricanes lead to teen smoking

Those who live in southeast Texas are all too familiar with the damage a hurricane can do to their homes and loved ones. But what isn't so obvious is the psychological damage that remains long after the wind and rain has died down. Researchers at Uni...

Video game addiction a psychiatric disorder?

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is responsible for publishing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a handbook that is widely used by mental health professionals around the world to diagnose mental illness. The APA is ...

Smoking during pregnancy makes it harder for kids to quit

Smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. It leads to a higher chance of SIDS, ADHD, and obesity. It turns out it also means the child will have more difficulty quitting smoking should they start. According to Edward Levin, Ph.D., a professor of biologic...

Puff the magic addiction

Cigarettes are addictive. We all know that. What we didn't know is that the addiction begins the very first time a child inhales tobacco from a cigarette. As reported in the Australian news, newly published results from a five-year, Canadian study in...


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