Kids With Special Needs Get (Gasp!) Bullied

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Brace yourselves for a shocker. Kids with special needs -- who struggle with medical, emotional or emotional issues -- tend to have more problems in school and are bullied more often than other kids.
Researchers point out obvious, but also call for communities to help kids.

Crossing the Street Can Be Risky for Kids With ADHD

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Albert Einstein may have helped unlock the secrets of the universe, but something as simple as crossing the street might have been difficult for him.
It's really not that simple. There are some pretty complicate...
Their bodies and minds are not always in the same place.

How to Recognize ADHD Symptoms Before School Starts

Credit: Getty Images ADHD has become the catch all term for what is actually three similar disorders, each with different symptoms: inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, and a combination of the two. My 17-year-old son suff...ADHD has become the catch all term for what is actually three similar disorders, each with different symptoms.

Parents of Children With ADHD Face Serious Stress, Study Shows

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There's no doubt ADHD is tough on the children who suffer from the disorder, but it's really hard on parents, too.
LiveScience reports a recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology finds parents o...
The entire family should be considered when treating a child with ADHD, researchers say.

Secondhand Smoke at Home Increases Risk of ADHD in Kids, Study Finds

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If you're still smoking, here's yet another reason to quit: Exposing kids to secondhand smoke at home puts them at a 50 percent greater risk of developing ADHD or other behavioral disorders.
You may be putting your kid at risk of developing ADHD if you smoke at home.

'What's Eating Your Child' Author Talks Misdiagnosed Mood Disorders

Depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety might not be mood problems after all. As nutritionist Kelly Dorfman tells Dr. Marc Siegel, these conditions could actually be food disorders. Find out which foods could negatively affect your child's mood. ...Depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety might not be mood problems after all.

Lack of Sleep May Contribute to ADHD

Researchers found that preschoolers who don't get enough sleep often develop attention problems. Credit: Getty Images
Lack of sleep can cause ... uh ...
It can cause something. What was it? This is silly. There was just a story ab...
Sleep problems may be an omen of attention-deficit problems to come.

Kids With ADHD Face Greater Risk of Substance Abuse

Your kids could have substance abuse problems if they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Credit: Getty
Your child is one and a half times more likely to have problems with drugs and alcohol if he or she ...
Wow. A...
Nearly a third of kids with ADHD had substance abuse problems.

No Link Found Between ADHD Drugs and Heart Problems

WebMD reports kids who take drugs for ADHD are not at a greater risk for heart attacks or strokes. Credit: Getty Images If you're bombing with your child with meds to control his hyperactivity and short attention span, you might have w...Researchers found no connection between heart attacks, strokes and ADHD medications.

Crying as a Baby May Lead to Lifetime of Behavioral Problems

Watch Video Related to Calming Crying Babies!
Parents should help babies learn to soothe themselves. Credit: Getty Images Singing "hush little baby, don't you cry" isn't just a sweet way to soothe a cranky newborn. It's a skill you b...
Babies who wake and cry in the night may develop behavioral problems as they grow.

Parenting an ADHD Child, Age by Age

Watch a video on treating ADHD.
The benefits of following some tried-and-true parenting techniques can provide you with even greater rewards. Credit: Getty Images Establishing good parenting skills, educating yourself and advocating ...
Establishing good parenting skills, educating yourself, and advocating for your child are the most important tools for successfully raising your ADHD child.

10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Watch a video on recognizing signs of ADHD.
What are the warning signs of ADHD? Credit: Getty Images Are you alarmed that your daughter constantly misplaces schoolwork and other vital items? Does your son's inattention when you sha...
How do you distinguish between normal kid behaviors and those that indicate your child may have ADHD?

Explaining ADHD to Others

Credit: Getty Images Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder -- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line -- are not easily understood. You know that it's all part of th...Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder-- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line--are not easily understood.

Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to ADHD, Study Shows

Watch a video on how to diagnose ADHD in kids.
Here's one more reason to stop smoking. Credit: AP Here's another reason for moms-to-be to quit smoking and order others to keep their cigs out of their homes: Secondhand smoke could boo...
Kids of mothers who breathed in secondhand smoke while they were pregnant experienced serious side effects.

Artificial Food Colorings Come Under Scrutiny by Federal Government

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If your kids seem to bounce off the walls after their morning bowl of cereal, you may want to take a look at the side of the box and see if artificial food colorings are listed in the ingredients.
The subject of...
Some parents say food dyes cause hyperactivity in their kids.


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