Facebook Can Lead to Depression in Adolescents, Report Says

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Facebook depression is common among teens. Credit: Getty Images Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugl...
Just when you think you've got the whole social media thing covered with your tween or teen, a new tech-related monster rears its ugly head.

Middle School Bullies More Likely to Use Alcohol, Study Says

Adolescent bullies and victims are more likely to use alcohol than those not involved in bullying. Credit: Corbis
If your child is a bully, now there's another reason -- aside from common sense and decency -- to reign in his aggressive behavior...
Bullies are bellying up to the bottle.

Use of Self-Tanner Doesn't Mean Teens Are Safe in the Sun

Self-tanning teens aren't necessarily keeping away the sun's rays. Credit: Getty
As the sunny days of summer fade into distant memories, it's time to look in the mirror and face the truth: You looked so much better with a tan. Teenagers se...
If you told your teen that her bright orange fake tan looked "great" because you prefer the safer alternative, guess again. Teens who fake tan are still turning to the sun and are still at risk for dangerous UV ray exposure.

Are You Deaf? For Many Teenagers the Answer is 'Yes'

Matthew Brady, 17, who has some mild hearing loss, used to listen to his iPod while running on a treadmill with the volume turned up. Credit: Steven Senne, AP
Remember when you shouted to your teenager that he'd better turn his music down or he...

Children of Lesbians Well Adjusted, Study Shows

Teenage children of lesbians are psychologically well-adjusted and have fewer behavioral problems than their peers, a new study shows. Children of lesbian couples rated significantly higher in social, academic and overall competence than other c...

Early puberty - how to help them through it

Science may not have figured out exactly what causes some girls to hit puberty early, but experts are working on how to help those girls get through it. It is well established that girls who experience early onset puberty often struggle with behavior...

DARE program "increases drug use"

Like most people my age, I went through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in middle school. By the time I was high school, the program was only mentioned as the butt of students' jokes. That aside, given the high number of young peop...

How to handle an inappropriate comment?

Last night while walking with my son and his 8th grade class to a nearby pizza establishment, I fell into step with one of my son's peers. He said to me, "No offense, but I think you and Loren (my son) have an abnormal relationship. But really, no of...

Ambitious field trip with a side order of culture

This week I am on an extended field trip with my oldest son's 8th grade class. Yesterday his class of 17 adolescent children loaded up into four cars and we trekked across Western Colorado and into the Southwestern corner of Utah to Cedar City to att...

A link between family meals and adolescent development?

A recent study examined associations between family meal frequency and developmental assets and high-risk behaviors among a national sample of adolescents. Anonymous surveys were distributed to 99,462 sixth to 12th grade students from public and alte...


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