adopted children 

Helping Adopted Children Find Their Identities

Twenty years ago, when my husband and I adopted our children from Korea, it was suggested that if we loved them enough they would not crave missing identity elements from their past. Somehow, this advice didn't seem right. We wanted to acknowl...The latest expert advice is to expose adoptees early and often to their cultures of origin.

Tom Cruise is tired and impartial

Tom Cruise is a busy guy. He is the head of a movie studio, stars in major motion pictures and has a young wife and daughter at home. No wonder he's tired. How does he deal? "Just like everybody else, you just work it out," he tells Entertainment Ton...

English study says adopted children want more information about their background

A new study by England's children's rights director concludes that adopted children want more information about their birth family and the circumstances surrounding their adoption. Dr. Roger Morgan says that of the adopted people he surveyed, rangi...


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